How Great Will Your Grandchildren Become?

My wife and I have 5 children – the oldest is a college freshman and the youngest in 4th grade. Recently, someone asked me if I thought we’re raising our children well. Using borrowed wisdom, my reply was ‘I’ll let you know when I see how great our grandchildren become’. What’s the point of this […]

Darren’s definition of Significant Leadership

Darren’s DEFINITION of SIGNIFICANT LEADERSHIP You have urgency to do great things, know how to make a difference, and change the game. Learn how… Herb Kelleher, Founder, Southwest Airlines

Ditch This Phrase – ‘No Problem’

When I was a younger professional, a more experienced colleague once heard me use the phrase ‘NO PROBLEM’ in response to another colleague thanking me for staying up half the night to finish a project for them. She suggested I avoid using those words because it devalued my time and talent. Instead, she suggested, I […]

Gainful vs. Spiritual Employment

During the depression, the New Deal created public work projects to put people to work. Why? Work is important. Work gives people meaning. Many of the public work projects involved hard labor. What most laborers did was do their time and go home. It is what I call the minimum. What is the maximum? Spiritual […]

CEO’s, Improve Your Satisfaction Score Quickly

I learned from Ryan Suydam at Client Savvy how to turn a survey question into quick action, every time. You don’t just ask a question i.e. on a scale from 1-5, how do you rate your job satisfaction? You create a gap analysis. Most CEO’s I meet, survey from time to time, using a 1-5 […]

Words are Powerful

Plenipotentiary – someone who has full power to take action on a goal. Start with being one for yourself. What is that goal with a 100x return on investment that’s been on your list for as long as you can remember? Put a deadline on it and work backwards with action items that help you […]

Give Humility Another Chance My Cheeky Friend

While magnanimity is not a well-worn word in most people’s vocabulary, humility is well-worn and understood for the most part. Magnanimity and humility are the two virtues or habits specific to leadership. My observation, starting with myself, is that while well-worn, it is hard to practice humility effectively. Almost by reflex, we tend to mishandle […]

Here’s Some Drano for Behaviors that Clog Collaboration

Great tool and case study for ‘how’ to increase collaboration – . What are the roadblocks to using this tool in your organization? What tools have you seen that work?  

Skillfully Using Your Talents To Collaborate Effectively – Exercise #6 of 25+

Smooth Interruptions Interrupting someone gracefully is always challenging. People don’t like to be interrupted and they don’t like interrupters. Here are a few ‘word tools’ that work every time. 1.     ‘Excuse me for interrupting, but you sparked an idea…’ 2.     ‘Excuse me, did you say… (repeat back what they just said), […]

This Has Nothing to do with Collaboration… Or Does it?

This should be required reading for non-Muslims and Muslims alike. Very well done…. From the Wall Street Journal today –  

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