Collaboration Happens Regardless of Risk of Loss of Reputation or Money

Collaboration is being child-like in your interaction with others. She doesn’t let her pride influence her decisions and she’d give you all the money she has in her pocket if you asked.

5 types of Collaboration

The Journey to the Base of the Mountain Before Your Collaboration Climb I spoke with the president of a firm that was part of a team being recognized for exemplary collaboration on a project. I was calling him to know who from his firm would be representing them when the project was recognized at the […]

You Can’t Have Collaboration Without Sacrifice

One of the ways we twist the meaning of collaboration is how we define sacrifice. If you’re on a project team and a specified material you are responsible for installing on the project is going to cost more than originally estimated, you ask the team to let you ‘slide’ and use an inferior material. This […]

If Business is 90% Sociology…

Why do we spend 90% of our time, talent and resources on technology and work process improvement? Imagine you’re the parent of a kindergartener and you’re looking at a rowdy muddle of children laughing and playing together. . . How did your 5 year-old learn to collaborate in the middle of all of that?  It’s […]

The Pride System Helps You Collaborate Deeper

This tool is called a Pride System. It helps your team members minimize negative pride on one end of the spectrum and maximize communication and self-esteem on the other.I’ve found the study of pride very helpful in learning to collaborate deeper to increase team strength & speed.Why? Pride isn’t a very safe subject to discuss […]

You Need a Rock

I heard a story of a traveler who boarded a boat with a capacity for 100 people. It was a long, skinny, open-air boat with arms that stretched-out over the water to help balance it in rough water. Before the boat departed, a rush of new passengers boarded that pushed the numbers to what looked […]

I Already Know This!

Lately, I’ve had a rash of colleagues lament about having to participate in training they think they’ve already covered. They shared that it wasn’t a good use of their time. They had a lot of other things to do. My reaction was “yes.” Things happen for a reason more than we recognize. We tend to […]

Sooner is Better

We all have timelines for things. Earning a certification, shedding weight, executing a strategic plan, etc… Have you ever created a timeline for an objective and later you weren’t aware it needed to change until someone or something brought it to your attention? That’s what happens when you let your focus fall-back on yourself for […]

Belief Without Proof

If you’re a college football fan, you probably noticed Texas A&M;’s dramatic turnaround this year under first-year coach, Kevin Sumlin. The football team has a proud tradition, but really hasn’t been good for more than a decade. None of the players on the current team were probably old enough to remember the last time the […]

Humility & Football Coaches

I was rooting for a Notre Dame victory during last night’s blow-out college football’s national championship game, where Alabama delivered a “clubbing” to the Fighting Irish. One observation about Nick Saban, Alabama’s coach is that he has humility and pride. As effective as he is, I feel he is competing with one arm tied behind […]

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