Why have you been invited to participate?

Life can be hard at times. Many of the answers you seek as a leader to your toughest daily decisions can be found in the experience I have of working with dozens of companies like yours, the thousands of hours of coaching with your peers and 2,000 years of Christian teaching that I bring to bear on your challenges when you call with a question.

The CollaborACTION Advising program equips you with a reservoir of knowledge, practice time and a support system to perform better in 5 core skills to live the Vocation of the Business Leader.

If participating in this program helps you do what you want to do to make a difference, I invite you to participate.

What are the skills?

Order of Core Skills:

·       Decision Making

·       Personal Development

·       Leadership

·       Strategic Planning

·       Organizational Performance

What is the result?

You acquire the transformational habit of bringing collaborACTION to bear on your daily life as a leader and minimize overwhelm.

How are you going to sharpen these skills?

Through six month of access to:

·       Laser Coaching with a Coach

·       Spiritual Direction by a Spiritual Director

·      Access to all of Darren’s intellectual property – articles and tools

·       Two Alumni Events per Year to Present Models and Practice Skills

Who is invited to participate?

The best “fit” for the advising program is someone in a leadership role or an entrepreneur.

What is the format and time commitment?

The format is open-ended. Unlimited access by telephone and email on a reactive basis during normal business hours for six months for $3,500 which is a fraction of the value you will derive from the CollaborACTION Advising program experience.