Meaningful conversation in business settings is usually difficult to create e.g. ‘whew, is it hot outside’ or ‘did the hometown team win last night.’ BORING!

I’ve used the acronyms ‘FORM’ and ‘ACE’ over the years to create meaningful conversation.

F – family/friends – what do you like to do with your family when not working?

O – occupation – what was your ‘previous life’ before you worked for this company?

R – recreation – what kind of hobbies have you had?

M – message – the reason for requesting a meeting with someone.


A – appreciate – acknowledge a talent or specific work that is done well.

C- connect – find something in common with the person you conversing with.

E – elevate – say something to encourage someone else (at least ‘have a great remainder of your’ when you normally say nothing at all.

When people are talking, there is always hope to achieve collaboration.

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