What is a result a client can expect from CollaborACTION?

Darren Smith, Cima’s Chief Unlearning Officer helps clients transform into collaborative and savvy leaders with our brand of collaboration – collaborACTION.

What does that mean?

Clients begin to live an integrated life – where they treat those that are subordinate to them the same as those equal to them, including their own family members.

Clients get things done with/through other people differently than they did before.

Our clients produce goods and services that are truly good that will attract the best quality clients for themselves and will pay a dollar more for the experience our clients deliver in the short term.

In the long-term, our clients help their clients repeat the transformation Darren helped them make.

Cima’s brand of collaboration is CollaborACTION: a simple way to make your organization stronger

CollaborACTION is collaborating in word and deed combined with savviness – systematizing it, sticking with it, improving it, creating a learning culture around it and avoiding jumping from fad to fad.

Just like shedding weight, many know what to do. It’s a matter of doing it. We help you close your organization’s ‘knowing-doing collaboration gap’.