Sometimes you have a lot to do in a short meeting time. One tactic I used recently was what I call a ‘Quick Start’.

I asked 15 meeting participants to prepare their answers to 8 key questions that needed solutions to move the business forward in the next 3 months. The obstacle was, we only had 90 minutes.

What most teams do in these situations is give everyone a chance to share what’s on their mind, avoid shaming anyone and maybe solve 1 question in 45 minutes. The result is frustration, lost confidence in the leadership and a lack of appetite to meet in the future, which slows the organization down.

Instead, put flip chart sheets on the walls of the meeting room with the questions listed on them with enough room for everyone to write their solutions on the walls as they enter the room. Next, everyone votes with adhesive dots for the best solution to the questions on the walls.

The result is everyone feels heard, AND you find solutions to 8 key questions with a large team in 90 minutes.

What’s your best meeting tactic? Contact me if you want to work on this.


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