In 13 years of marriage, I can say my wife and I have only had two “real arguments.” On the other hand, we average a a “dust-up” or two a year. We had a dust-up recently and a few days later, I noticed my 9 year old son talking in a loud, disrespectful tone to my wife. I corrected him within milliseconds and then thought to myself “where did that come from?” Well, it came from me….

As leaders, we’re being observed all the time – at work on projects (with issues), socially while interacting with those not easy to get along with, personally playing/coaching sports, helping children with homework, doing chores and we’re demonstrating how to behave whether we like it or not.

Sharing these thoughts reminds me of the old saying “if you would be uncomfortable with your behavior or something you said being on the front page of the newspaper, it’s probably not a good idea.” 

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