One of my boys is close to earning the rank of Eagle Scout. He needs exactly 1 requirement for 1 last merit badge and completion of his eagle project. It’s taken many years to get to this point and lately he’s been finding ways to delay. Finally, I asked him to make a completion schedule and we’re following the schedule together.

There is a saying ‘Every Eagle Scout has the imprint of a parent’s hand on their back’.

In a client meeting last week, the CEO complained that their direct reports were often rescheduling their monthly, 1v1 meeting times. The CEO uses the time to develop his direct reports whether it’s character, day to day skills, technical industry knowledge, functional areas of the business like accounting or behavior. I suggested the CEO make the 1v1 meetings non-negotiable. It seemed the CEO needed to apply their hand print on the backs of their direct reports.

Do you have a hand print on your back? Would you have benefitted from one or more of them? Wouldn’t you still benefit from one today? Why or why not?

Get your hand print here.


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