To get to a decision faster, we have to know where the client’s “target” is.
3 steps to illuminate the target:

Step 2. Draw-out, at the appropriate time, “why?”

  • What’s the client’s personal, big picture “why” for doing what they are doing? Avoid confusing this with the organization’s mission or vision statement. The client’s personal, big picture “why” should align with the organization’s mission or vision hopefully. Also, avoid confusing the client’s big picture “why” with the little “why” which is the change(s) expected for the client’s organization as a result of the project you are discussing. 

Behind every organization’s little “why” is the client’s personal, big picture “why.” If we don’t know the big picture “why,” we reduce ourselves to commodity status. Knowing the big picture “why” helps us align our big picture “why” with the client’s and raise ourselves to peer status. Our discussions pivot away from price to value for money and collaboration implementation.  

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