One of our summertime rituals is our kids’ participation with the neighborhood swim team – practice every morning and swim meets on Thursday nights…

The title of a recent Seth Godin post reminded me of something we’ve all learned when swimming, and it applies to our lives, DON’T PEE IN THE POOL.

What I mean is we all want to be excellent and show-up as our best selves to others and we have to choose to do so many times each day, every day. What do most of us do instead? WE PEE IN THE POOL.

Why? Pressures related to our time, money, desires, power or reputation cause us to make decisions to show-up less than excellent. In other words, these pressures cause us to fall out of integrity in one or more domains of our lives – business colleague, spouse, parent, friend or spirituality.

The result? Over the years of our lives, we don’t think about whether showing-up less than excellent will have a cumulative effect if we continue to pee in the pool. The cumulative effect is baseless decision-making, a lack of courage in the face of opposition, low emotional intelligence and poor listening skills.

Have integrity. Choose to be excellent.

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