EVERYONE has what they need to achieve excellence. Both life circumstances that help or hinder can accelerate achievement of excellence if you choose. What that means is just because someone is CEO of a company with abundant resources doesn’t mean it helps them achieve excellence.

To achieve excellence, you clearly connect your identity to your performance with the help of an individual excellence sheet. Your identity is made-up of 1. your temperament on the front side of your sheet and 2. your character on the backside. You build your character to harness your temperament (high heart on the 2×2 below) and elevate your performance to reach quadrant 4.

You measure identity integrity through personal reflection and asking for feedback from those that will tell the truth. You measure your integrity by the size of the gap between who you communicate you are on your sheet and how you show-up to others.

You have what you need to close your integrity gap to achieve EXCELLENCE, NOT PERFECTION.

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