I had the opportunity recently to be “offended.” I met with a prospect that I had been trying to meet for several years. While I feel my approach lands well on most prospects I reach-out to in order to start a relationship, it had not landed well with this particular prospect. She informed me she was put-off by my approach. The reason why we were meeting now was because of a request by a colleague.

The natural reaction would to have been for me to feel offended. I had never met this person and they were giving me some feedback that did not feel very comfortable and maybe was not warranted.

On the other hand, she was not abusive in her tone and words, I embraced the feedback and took away a few ideas from the meeting. Since I did not take offense, I was invited to work with her this year.

Some reading this post may feel I was “weak” in my dealings with this prospect. My reply would be, is that your ego reacting and how often to you practice humility  and stick-up for yourself at the same time?  

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