We tend to allow the “urgent” things to squeeze-out the “important” things in our lives, including doing our “important” things at work. To put it another way, we tend to fill-up our life’s mason jar with “urgent” pebbles first which doesn’t leave room for all of the “important” big rocks that fit before when you used put them in first, before the pebbles. In other words, doing the important things first and then the urgent.

The project leader is usually charged with facilitating collaboration among project team members, a big rock, but pebbles in the work day tend to fill-up the jar and there’s no room…. Ironically, by the way they are measured, project leaders are incentivized to focus on the number of pebbles they put in the jar. Project leaders are not incentivized to collaborate or focus on big rocks first.

Unless project leaders are incentivized to collaborate so they can make this big rock a priority, it’s no ones….

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