Get a Life. Do You Have One?

My colleague, Alan Weiss wrote recently on allowing the trivial many things in our lives to get in the way of the vital ‘one thing’ we should be doing or our purpose.

Our life is our purpose.

Everything we do, including how we do it (attitude) should help us reach our purpose. Avoid doing things that hinder that purpose.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Then you don’t have a life and you need to get one.

How do you get a life? Avoid the trivial many things that keep us from having a life like over-spending our time on things that don’t really matter – extra meetings, doing things we’re not especially talented at doing, and pursuing business with those that aren’t a ‘fit’.

Next, ask yourself – WHY are you here or what’s your reason for being? It’s to serve others, not yourself or your family.
It’s to be, live, and serve in a particular way, place and time.

It may help to look for patterns in your past of roles you’ve played that have repeated themselves.

Get a life and be on-purpose.

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