GOOD FEAR 2/3 of the year is in the books. This is a timely reminder to avoid a letdown. Have ‘good fear’. A magnanimous person, someone who has urgency to do great things, has a fear of not doing the good that could have been done…

An extreme example of ‘good fear’ is I’ve caught myself lately spending too much time on electronics i.e. instead of reading 1 college football article, I’ll click a link at the end of the article that takes me to a second article that really adds no additional value.

What I’m doing now is keeping a book and my keynote speech close-by and when I have the itch to click, I’ll scratch it by picking-up my speech and practicing for 5 minutes.

Be magnanimous as a spouse, parent, business colleague, friend, and community member,


P.S. – Be a Significant Leader. Learn about the depth and breadth of magnanimity.

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