The Road to Great Strategy Execution Expertise (a montage of the last 10 years)

2008  – The AEC CEO Round Table sparked conversation and broke-down silos between architects, engineers & contractors



2009 – Initiating integrated project delivery (IPD) where a team culture is established to connect to project strategy to optimize results



2010 – The Collaboration Gauge was the first culture metric created



2011 – The CollaborACTION bridge memorializes what works in a repeatable, annual schedule



2013 – The Pride Curve is a tool to minimize the most potent and pervasive vice, which is pride. 


2014 – The Collaboration Behavior Flow Chart helps leaders make faster, more consistent and informed decisions when dealing with behavior producing negative results



2015 – one of the first elements of the organizational excellence sheet that captures culture on paper and makes it measurable



2017 – the Relationship Placemat makes hiring, assembling teams and professional development visual



2018 – The Business Leadership Excellence 2×2 brings everything together