As young kids we’re taught to “care and to share.” When we feel like we’re “in a ditch,” because no one seems to care or share with us, the quickest way-out is to care and share even MORE.

It’s not “give first to get,” it’s give and then give MORE (like a two-stage booster rocket strapped to your back) to emerge from a low point.

Some adults may be thinking, “I’ve done that plenty of times and been buried by others. What’s the use?”

Well, you’re the problem.

Maybe the other person wasn’t aware. Maybe the other person doesn’t have the skills and behaviors to reciprocate. Maybe the other person doesn’t have the values to care….

What a blessing of an opportunity AND you’re not recognizing it.

Maybe you could think about what may be going-on inside that person. Maybe you think about what’s going-on in your interaction and what’s going-on in the organization.

Most adults want to care and share and sometimes we have to dig them out of their ditch and we have to help them feel we have shared and cared even MOREusing words only when necessary.    

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