Do you ever worry?

‘By worrying you can’t add a single moment to your lifespan.’

What causes worry? Slavery – concern over what you will eat, what you will wear and what parties you were not invited to… In other words – concern over being ‘rich’ in a temporal sense.

What causes freedom? Poverty. If understood properly, poverty is freedom. It is long-term richness. Poverty enables us to pourĀ ourselves into creating loving relationships – prioritizing relationships over slavery to things that do not last – food, clothes and social status.

How do you create freedom?

Some addition and subtraction…

An addition would include exercising your collaborative muscles when you first feel frustrated, angry or envious. In your mind, figure out a way to behave the opposite of how you normally behave when frustrated, angry or envious and observe yourself and others and the result.

One idea is the next time you start to feel frustrated, angry or envious, practice being small or humble, joyful and take the time to understand the other person by asking questions with a smile. Then, regardless of their answers, decide to love them before further discussion, especially if there is a difference of opinion.

It produces a feeling of success, satisfaction, and motivation that you want to experience again.

A subtraction is removing something from your life that hinders your ability to collaborate. An example would be shedding the belief that you should have a title or recognition to reward your ability to collaborate.

For example, if you’re doing more work than someone that has a higher-ranking title than you, avoid talking about it with others to make yourself feel better and ensure others know who the ‘real leader’ is. Your leadership will actually increase by continuing to empty yourself in support of the leader. Stop keeping score.

If you were to die today, would you be characterized as being worried or would you be rich?

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