Last week I shared the Leadership 2.0 Loop. You ‘get in the loop’ by doing 1 thing to connect your identity & performance.

What’s the ‘1 thing’ to do to connect your identity and day to day performance for optimal results?

This is the 1 thing you can do this week by yourself – create your ‘1-sheet’ to capture WHO you are or your identity as an individual. It will change your life…

  1. There is nothing to buy. You don’t have to be a client, just interested in growth. Go to the landing page and follow the instructions if you’ve never completed the Clifton Strengths assessment for $20 to receive your top 5 talents.
  2. Enter your top 5 talents on the landing page and submit them to Core Clarity for a tool to turn your talents into strengths to begin to capitalize on WHO you are or your identity.
  3. Download the 1-sheet template on the landing page and the completed sample. Answer the identity questions at the bottom of the page first and work your way up the page, answering your WHY question last – it is the most difficult.

To connect your identity & performance for optimal results, make decisions based on whether the decision helps or hinders you being excellent at WHO you are on your 1-sheet. Doing so moves you towards quadrant 4.

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