Here I am on a rainy Sunday morning at 9 am writing a blog post and feeling guilty. Not because I’m squeezing in a task before church, but because I didn’t arise at 6 am to write more blogs like I had planned.

Many people would laugh at reading this. Now, I’m able to laugh about it as well. The reason is because I work on myself. What I mean is I practice using the ‘gas and brake pedal’ with my talents. I use a talents assessment from the Gallup organization that I use with clients that want to learn to collaborate more. The assessment reveals a person’s top 5 talents and that’s where you focus your work because it’s where you will realize the most return for your effort.

One of my top 5 talents is ‘achiever’. What this means for a person who has achiever is they wake-up each day with a clean score sheet and feel compelled to check as many boxes as they can. What I’ve learned is I get more done than most and I need to take it easier to avoid ‘burning-up’ those around me. Also, I’ve redefined for myself what an achievement is. An achievement is not just completing a work task. It is also doing something for myself or my family or community. I used to put work tasks above all else. I don’t do that anymore….

Since I work on myself and I use the gas and brake pedal with my achiever talent, I’m a more skillful collaborator.


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