I was rooting for a Notre Dame victory during last night’s blow-out college football’s national championship game, where Alabama delivered a “clubbing” to the Fighting Irish.

One observation about Nick Saban, Alabama’s coach is that he has humility and pride. As effective as he is, I feel he is competing with one arm tied behind his back because of pride. The evidence of humility is the lack of bragging. The evidence of pride is the seriousness he displays. Pride is an impediment to reaching full potential. A simple solution to untie that second arm and double his effectiveness is to have kind eyes and smile. It makes it easier to have courage, to do the right thing, to say what’s in the best interest of others and others trust you and respect you.

As a Texas A&M; graduate (the only school to beat Alabama the last few years), I won’t be sending a letter to Nick Saban with my observations, but I might send that letter to Kevin Sumlin, the Texas A&M; football coach….

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