I heard a story this weekend about a group of high school students that went to the Texas/Mexico border for a mission trip. The high school students worked hard in the hot weather repairing roofs, digging wells and teaching. More than one of them was overheard saying ‘I like who I am on mission’.

What is it that they like about themselves? Do they like feeling a part of something bigger? Do they like stretching themselves outside of their life of ease and helping raise others up?

I thought to myself – ‘I like who I am when I collaborate’ – at work…. I like feeling and acting like I’m part of something bigger than myself. I like being small so someone else can be big and improve their situation. This is who I am when I’m collaborating.

The challenge is collaborating without thinking, like breathing and almost perfectly every time when I interact with someone else. Not only in isolated instances.

Do you like who you are when collaborating?

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