Everyone can do the big things – behave nicely in public towards ones family and friends, be at meetings on time and go to church on Sunday.

What about the little things in-between such as behaving nicely when someone doesn’t do what they’d said they would do or when herding the family into the minivan to arrive at church on time instead of being late?

What does our behavior look like in these situations? Is it a happy situation, is there humility, is there kindness? Many times the answer is ‘no’.

So what?

What if everyone could do the little things in a family, an organization or a community? What would be the impact?

We think if we do the big things, not doing the little things will be forgotten.

Everything is remembered and we are accountable. The accountability comes in the form of our family’s well-being as well as that of our organization’s and community’s well-being.

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