Nobody reads anymore. They scan.

If people scan and if pictures (business process visuals) are worth at least a few hundred words, why don’t we use pictures more to communicate with others?

My bet is that when someone scans a process visual they slow-down enough to read (probably because there’s a few hundred words to absorb)…

For example, imagine a one-inch square drawn on a piece of blank, white paper labeled “current organization” with a line a few inches long exteneding across the paper with an arrow at the other end pointing to a two-inch octagon labeled “future organization.”

Does this description of a business process visual create curiosity?

I submit the idea to you to include a business process visual in your written communication if it is important that others read it.

Ironically, as soon as I have one of my team members figure out how to fix the translation of images inserted into my blog posts in Google Blogger to the homepage, you will see more business process visuals to think about and use for your own purposes if you like.

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