It’s summertime and our 5 young kids are out of school. It’s only week one and yes, the behavioral flare-ups of hot, tired, irritable children have already begun. I share with them they have to practice being caring to one another, but they might be thinking “how do you do that?” or in reference to collaborative behavior in professional terms, “how do you implement collaboration?”

Regardless, without hesitation they all nod their heads up and down in compliance to my request. As adults, in one form or fashion, we do the same thing, don’t we? Five minutes later, when the next challenging situation occurs like two of the children vying for one specific, crucial, all-important lego piece, my kids fall back into uncaring behavior (as do most adults).


Lack of knowing how to implement kindness or in professional terms, collaboration.

If you can break implementation into bite-size pieces it’s not as difficult and it looks less like work.

Here’s an example. In the twelve years I’ve been blessed to experience parenthood, there are small number of situations that cause the majority of the grief. One of these situations is leaving for church on time on Sundays. What behaviors used to exist at the Smith household if you were a fly on the wall?

1. Doing something that wasn’t important or urgent when we first wake-up on Sunday mornings
2. Waiting until the last minute to shower
3. Acting in a hurried, tense, uncaring manner just focused on ourselves

The result was chaos, frustration and not enough time to compose ourselves before church started.

We simply changed a few behaviors and started waking-up earlier and dressing for church before doing anything else. No more chaos, frustration and we arrive at church about 10 minutes early, composed and ready to praise God.

Where can we implement collaboration in our organizations?

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