My 16 year-old son smoked his first salmon recently and it could have happened several years ago. The problem was me… Why?

  1. I didn’t think he was capable and I felt I had to do it. The lesson is others can usually do more than you think if given the opportunity. I could’ve been raising him into an adult faster than I thought!
  2. I clung to the traditional role of the man ruling the grill/smoker. The lesson is you have to continue to grow, let go and avoid the need to justify your relevance.

The ultimate measure of a leader, whether it’s your home family or work family is how great your grandchildren become. In other words, if my 16 year-old son challenges and teaches his children to grill, and more, only then will I have measured-up as a leader. 

I know what works and doesn’t work when it comes to executing great strategy.

With great strategy execution, my approach is that achievement of results increases engagement, not the other way around. I show proven leaders how to use leadership excellence to enhance execution of strategy to achieve greater results, which increases engagement. 

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