A few months ago, I worked with a client to capture their culture on paper so they could use it to innovate ways to attract more of the clients they wanted and didn’t have.

It’s upside down. It’s not what you’d expect. It’s how you create space for innovation to happen… It’s a common PROBLEM I work with clients to solve.

The SOLUTION is you create space for innovation to happen by measuring how well team members model the organization’s culture.

The closer they model the culture, the more freedom they earn from the team and that freedom is the space where innovation happens.

What teams usually do is adopt rules. A ‘5 stages of innovation process’ or maybe change a behavior such as encouraging collaboration among team members across the organization, but they don’t address innovation at a systemic level like culture does and they don’t get the results they hoped to achieve with rules.

The RESULTS sparked by this client’s team member behavior that more closely modeled their culture:

  • it has opened team members’ eyes to new places to look for ideal clients they wouldn’t have before – family offices, affinity conferences, and their personal networks.
  • external stakeholders all know the culture and act as connectors for the organization.



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