One person can do a lot if they know what they have and they use it skillfully…

Please consider these three related thoughts in light of the statement above.

1. I was in Mass at Cistercian yesterday, the school where my oldest son attends. Monks run the school and the boys go to Mass every week.

The gospel reading at this Mass was about Jesus feeding 5,000 people with a few dried fish and loaves of bread with plenty left over. This story has many messages. The message I’d like you to consider from this story is that one person or a small group can make a big difference. Jesus used the metaphor of feeding thousands of people with what the Apostles had on hand to communicate this message. Look what the 12 Apostles, a small group did. They spread Christianity around the world!

2. What do you have? A few dried fish and some loaves? Not exactly, but you do have a small number of talents. Whatever talents you have, you can make a big difference.

3. I couldn’t confirm it, but I believe St. Thereses of Liseux said this: ‘if you become everything God made you to be, you will make an incredible impact on the world’.


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