The Wall Street Journal had an article titled “Few India Graduates are Fit to Hire.” It is a great reminder to avoid taking things at face value. You have to do a little homework.

For example, I, like you have been fearful for our country’s future because everyone else is catching-up to the U.S., e.g. India is beginning to pump-out a million new engineers per year from its universities.

There is growing evidence that their education system needs an overhaul.

  • India still uses a “rote” style of teaching which discourages critical thinking and decision making skills.
  • More than half of their fifth-graders cannot read at a second-grade level. 
  • 75% of their college graduates can’t speak English proficiently or comprehend what they read in English. English is the international business language and a critical skill for those that live outside the U.S.

Things are usually never as bad or good as we think they are. Nonetheless, don’t take things at face value. Trust and verify is not a bad idea.

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