For logistical reasons I was at church this morning in a pew that probably would hold 15 people. I was waiting for my family to arrive (there are 7 of us) and before they did so a family of 8 arrived (it’s hard not to notice a family of this size) looking for a place to sit. The father stopped at my pew and I shared that my family was yet to arrive and I was saving seats.

This family of 8 ended-up sitting in two different pews… Not exactly the picture of togetherness and unknowingly, I choreographed it.  

Well, I should have offered my pew. 

It was an opportunity to convenience someone else. In other words, I let an opportunity to be kind pass me by because it was inconvenient… Instead, I behaved not unlike how many of us do everyday. I worried about my convenience and I realized this morning, my acts of kindness usually occur when it’s convenient for me.


The truth hurts even when you are sharing it with yourself.

The meaning of life is to love. To die unto oneself and do something for someone else even if it’s inconvenient. Even when you are at a low point, the best answer is the opposite of what is convenient to do – something for ourselves. The quickest way to pull out of a low point is to do something for someone else. Whether it’s personal life or business. 

The more we are kind when it’s inconvenient, I imagine that the feeling of inconvenience diminishes over time and kindness becomes convenient all of the time. If I can ever attain this level of kindness, I feel I’ll know to offer my pew and it will feel convenient. 

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