I’ve been working on an issue with a client that reminds me of the fact that if we want change, we have to change the way we measure performance and start measuring for that change which makes sense.

What happens if a colleague is asked to change and the way we measure their performance doesn’t change? Nothing. What incentive does the colleague have to make the change? None. There is no accountability. No consequences.

For example, you have a colleague that does a great job externally with clients. Internally, they create a mess by disregarding how they and their team members agreed to operate. They go and do their own thing for clients instead, which frustrates everyone on the team.

You decide to create some ‘rules of engagement’ to solve this issue. What I observe is this, by itself doesn’t work. The key, is making adherence to these rules of engagement part of performance measurement, not something on the side. There is accountability. There are consequences.

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