I live in Dallas, which is a large city with more restaurants per capita than NYC, yet it is not uncommon to ask someone where they would like to eat and they say ‘I don’t know’.

The same thing can happen when asking for feedback. I have a client who is frustrated by not receiving any 360 feedback that he can act upon to improve.
The conversation has grown stale because there is no context to frame the feedback.
What if the organization had its culture captured on paper? What if in his 360 feedback, he was asked how well he was modeling its culture?
For example, was he spending enough time with his direct reports? Was he forming them and drawing out their excellence or only correcting them? Did he appear to make decisions based on the organization’s principles and did he follow the ground rules that everyone agreed to when interacting with others?
Context can help frame conversations. It’s like asking what Chinese restaurant would you prefer or if we go downtown, what restaurant have we not visited in a while?

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