There is a certain “deportment” if you can call it that, I have with my friends I keep in-touch with from high school. There are a lot of old nicknames that resurface, one-liners from movies made in the mid-80’s that ricochet from every corner of the room we happen to be occupying and less than adult behaviors that see the light of day.

My high school friends and I don’t give this display a second thought, but our wives and children aren’t used to witnessing such “out of character” behavior.

At work sometimes we fall into roles that aren’t a good fit. Yes, we do the job, but it’s not necessarily in our “sweet spot” and it can change us (not necessarily for the better. It might be that person you know that’s “completely different” in a social setting.

What role could that person play in their organization that would enable them to be “completely different” or at their best at work as well as outside of work?

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