If you were part of a football team and the coach told everyone to run right and two players ran left instead, how would you correct this if you’re the coach?

First, the coach would have to look at him/her self. The non-compliant behavior of these two team members is being supported by something bigger than themselves. It usually is. How is the coach tacitly supporting the two players’ behavior? If there isn’t tacit support of the coach, the decision is easy. Replace the players running to the right.

Next, how are ‘walls’ in the form of policies, organizational structure, history and tradition possibly reinforcing the coach’ support and protecting the two players’ behavior?

Lastly, how come none of the other players on the team say or do anything?

Organizational teams are similar to families. If you have a teenager that regularly arrives home after curfew, why? Where’s the accountability? What’s going-on in this family? What’s giving him/her the power to behave this way?

One scenario is the Mom might be protecting the teenager from Dad. This is a hierarchical problem. One of informal and formal organizational structures.  or your family

If you’re wondering how this might work with your organization or family, practice. If you’ve never had this type of conversation in either case, there’s only upside.

Take one step higher-up.

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