Humility is one of two leadership virtues.

Practicing humility is easy until there’s a risk of 1. money, 2. reputation, 3. power, 4. spending time we don’t think we have or 5. doing something we don’t want to do. When one of these triggers our pride, which happens on a daily basis, humility goes out the window.

Take these THREE UPSIDE DOWN ACTIONS to raise your game as a leader.

1. Embrace the idea that HUMILITY IS FOR THE STRONG. You can’t practice humility and achieve significant leadership until you do.

2. NO ONE IS BORN WITH HUMILITY, humility must be built through PRACTICE.

3. You practice humility as a leader by drawing greatness out of others and giving them space to use their talents to serve you. Ironically, this proves very difficult for most.

When one of the triggers above happens, take these three upside down actions as a leader and send pride out the window… Become a SIGNIFICANT LEADER.

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