Our family does yard work and our 5 children participate. For example, our 13 and 16 year-old boys mow the lawn.

Recently, one child complained that I made their job of weeding a flower bed more difficult. I had spaded the bed to loosen the dirt to make the weeding easier.

This child complained that I had actually made the weeding harder. I had succeeded in THOUGHT and ACTION by spading, but failed in the INTERACTION. How? After I heard the complaint, our interaction ended by me responding ‘please just be quiet and do your job’. Not an excellent interaction…

If you ask ‘what is urgency?’, most people will respond with some variation of ‘to do something quickly’. URGENCY IS ACTUALLY THINKING, ACTING AND INTERACTING WITH EXCELLENCE. Speed is a byproduct.

What does that mean? It means being excellent, one thought, one action, and one interaction at a time – all day long, every day. In sports terms it would look like ‘leaving it all on the field’ – your desire, effort and heart.

The interaction is where we fail to be excellent. Next time I hear a complaint, I’ll change my default response to asking a question – ‘what’s wrong?’ or ‘what’s on you mind?’ or ‘why? Tell me more’ instead of making a statement….

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