The things we commit to memory – passwords, anniversary dates, but specifically our principles, which are 2-3 truths we use to make decisions, reveal who we really are, and these truths do not change.

What can change over time are our values and passions as we go through different seasons of life… What we value at 25 may be different at 45, but our principles remain the same. Values influence how we implement our decisions.

It’s important to have integrity or be principled. In other words predictable. Others know your principles and that you will make decisions based on what helps you keep your principles.

During this election, vote with integrity – vote based on truth and implement your decisions based on your values. It enables you to make tough decisions easier/faster and focus on implementing in a way that is as compassionate as possible.

Avoid voting based on values or passions which leads to duplicity. In other words you say one thing and do another….

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