In mountaineering, team collaboration to accomplish your goal of reaching the summit is key. You can’t expend energy carrying or doing extra stuff and it’s the same in business.

For example, a climber, whose role is to carry a book for the team will read the first few dozen pages of a book, rip them out and pass them on to the next person.

Measurement of the success of this approach is the energy level and psychological condition of the team. Accountability through consequences include successfully reaching the summit without serious injury or dying (5% of mountaineers that attempt to summit Mt. Everest die each year).

We do this in business by someone being a student of the science of leveraging team member strengths, enabling people to play roles they’re naturally good at and worrying less about titles. Also, learning to collaborate deeper by measuring it and creating accountability through consequences for not collaborating.

It may be inappropriate to use death as a consequence for not collaborating deeper, but at least part of compensation should based on how well a team member collaborates.

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