If you asked CEOs – would you prefer winning minds to produce results or hearts AND minds to produce results, they would choose the latter.

All organizations have a strategy that’s intended to win minds and a culture that’s intended to win hearts, but they’re usually not caught on paper and implemented together and measured.

You’re familiar with the Peter Drucker quote – ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch’, but what does that mean? It means one is not more important than the other.

OK, so what?

If you believe in this quote then, what if ‘Culture and Strategy Shared Lunch’? In other words, what if both were caught on paper and implemented and measured together?

You could then implement and measure ‘how’ you work together (culture) as well as ‘what’ (strategy) you are supposed to be working on.

Culture is a system that gives rise to interactions between team members. Using the 80/20 Principle (there are a small number of causes responsible for a majority of results in the universe), you can capture most of this system and be successful implementing and measuring it.

A culture system consists of:

– WHY does the organization exist or how does it serve others?
– Principles are truths that are used to make decisions. When you make a decision, it must uphold your principles.
– Values are what is important to you.
– Habits are practices that build character and you are characterized by your habits.
– Ground Rules are how you manage yourself and your interactions with others.
– Organizational Structure, History, Process, Policy and Tradition play roles.
– A Communication System is an inventory of the different ways we communicate and how they are used.
– Common Language is a set of defined terms.
– How we ask for the behavior we want and reward/recognize it protects the culture.
– Capabilities are what the organization can do.

If culture and strategy shared lunch in your organization and were caught on paper and implemented and measured together, the result would be winning hearts and minds to produce more effective results.

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