I’ve played and coached soccer for 40 years and I still miss opportunities.

Another dad “joined the coaching staff” this past spring for the 9 year old boys team I’m coaching and he shared a gem at halftime of a game – “we lost the first half, now let’s win the second half.” What a great way to put the game in perspective, refocus and re-energize those boys.

Another recent example from that same dad was “shoot from the outside.” The boys were stuck in the mode of dribbling all the way to the mouth of the other team’s goal before taking a shot and the result was they were not taking enough shots. It’s not easy to dribble the ball all the way to the other team’s goal and they would lose the ball to the other team before they could shoot.

As soon as the boys on the team started shooting from the edge of the penalty box on occasion (about 10 yards from the other team’s goal), they realized more shots and more goals.

Even though there is nothing new under the sun, there are still many things we can learn from others as well as recombining, re-purposing and repackaging what we know to produce new value.

For example, this blog entry is the result of observing someone. In addition, it is now a possible story, joke or quote for a speech or workshop (I categorize blog entries in order to find them easier later when needed). It could also be a building block for an Elevate article or a book. Lastly, I could use this content to illustrate an important learning point at a weekend strategy retreat, in the midst of a business development leadership group gathering or during an executive coaching visit.

What have you learned and are you still open to learning?


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