I shared this recently with a group that I am involved with as a participant. Like many groups, participation starts strong and can wane, which occurs when people only consider themselves…. Also, over time, we tend to lose perspective on what exactly the time commitment is and when we regain it, it increases our resolution to the group. 
“I hope you would agree, half the value generated by a professional development opportunity is the interaction among participants. 

There are three dimensions to our group experience and most only think of one – whether or not they were able to make it to the session. If they miss, it only impacts themselves….

When someone is absent from the group it impacts the second dimension, which is our group. It impacts the ideas generated and the quality of the relationships formed by the group. It also impacts the third dimension which is the organizations represented by the group and future groups like ours. Hopefully we all learn something from the group and pass it on to our organizations.  

My request is to re-prioritize your commitments and be present for the 6 hours we have left together over the next three months.”

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