Even if you flip burgers in a restaurant, you can be a leader… Who REALLY believes that? I didn’t , but I do now.


Why? LEADERSHIP IS MORE THAN THE SUBSTANCE OF YOUR WORK – flipping burgers, being a CEO or even a shift manager. Leadership is 1. connecting your work with your purpose, 2. having a desire to do great things and 3. a sense of urgency – every thought, action and interaction with another person is done with excellence.

What does that have to do with flipping burgers? 1. You don’t try to lead TODAY┬álike someone else – the CEO or even the shift manager OR 2. lead like you will lead in one of those roles at some future date. That doesn’t work. It’s out of sync.

Instead, you lead successfully in the here & now. In other words, 1. you lead at this moment with the role and responsibility you have, 2. connected to your purpose, 3. desire, and 4. urgency.

The point is leaders lead all the time, regardless of the time or place or they’re not leaders. If so, this reconciles the belief that leadership is for the many, not the few – even if today you’re flipping burgers.



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