As revealed in last week’s post, the biggest obstacle you and your organization faces to reaching the upper right quadrant either individually or organizationally is when your perceived WHO is out of sync with your real WHO.

Here’s an example – Winston, the CEO, creates a new policy and everybody must follow the policy.

But, Winston’s the worst violator! He’s out of sync and doesn’t know it because he doesn’t know WHO he is.

Can he expect others to see him as a leader? Is he in the upper right quadrant? Why? Who is an example of a leader who is in the upper right quadrant in your opinion? Herb Kelleher? Martin Luther King?  

Can you lead yourself or a company to the upper right if you don’t know WHO you are?

But, let’s say you’re in-sync. If you’re IN the upper right quadrant, what happens when you mess-up? For example, if I lose my temper at home, which is not WHO I am and if I’m in the upper right quadrant, I sit-down with my son/daughter and ask for feedback on how I could have handled it differently. This is an example of – knowing WHO you are, and leading in the upper right quadrant.

Can you think of a time you could have benefitted from feedback from a subordinate, but didn’t receive it? It’s possible they didn’t feel it was safe to speak truth to power. It’s your responsibility to create that safety…

Get in-sync.

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