I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building community and authentic leadership.

What are the results? – The results are great integrity: being the same person in all facets of your life – spouse, parent, business colleague, friend, community member, and spirituality.

The Greatest Leaders Have The Most Integrity.


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Friday, August 14th

2nd Friday 30 Minute Achieving Excellence Quickly

During each 2nd Friday, 30 minute, Achieving Excellence Quickly webinar we’ll use a recent LinkedIn post I wrote that resonated with a lot of proven leaders to drive meaningful discussion and action.

You can spend years, like a sculptor, chipping-away at achieving excellence on your own or I can share the ‘mold’ with you quickly…

I know in 30 minutes you’ll receive an idea you can use to catalyze great integrity, magnanimity, great strategy, and permanence.

Friday, August 21st

Significant Leadership Summit

Invitation-only event of past, current, and prospective clients.

The objectives of the Summit are:

  • exchange ideas you can use to catalyze high integrity and great strategy execution

  • build relationships with like-minded, proven leaders you’d benefit from knowing

  • access new intellectual property from Darren before anyone else…

Friday, September 18th

Fall, CEO Business Breakfast

The objective of the breakfast is to catalyze the work you’ve done around strategy and culture to be great men and women and build great organizations. The topics focus on high integrity, great strategy, clearly connecting strategy and culture, and permanence. 

The format is a small group workshop focused on building one tool you can take with you and use to improve your condition.  

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How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can email Darren Smith directly at darrensmith@cimastrategic.com .