Most everyone lacks clarity on what their best self is.

Learn how to build authentic leadership and a committed community using an Authentic Feedback Loop.

Authentic Leadership in 5 slides.

In my experience, there’s an awakening process folks have to go through to achieve their best selves. There is no light switch.

I’ve found that after spending a short period of time achieving authentic leadership, you feel energized and can’t believe you didn’t think about doing this before. 

Using the Authenticity Curve, you can go fast or slow depending on what your goals are. What’s important is starting

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Join a Growth Experience with Darren Now. After every event, join us at the What Works in Authentic Leadership Network online to continue to learn what works.

2nd Friday, What Works in Authentic Leadership 40 minute monthly workshop

During each 2nd Friday, 40 minute workshop we’ll use a recent LinkedIn post I wrote that resonated with a lot of proven leaders to learn how to build connection & authentic leadership that results in a committed community. The workshops cover something new each month. 

You can spend years, like a sculptor, chipping-away at figuring-out authentic leadership on your own or access the ‘mold’ quickly in the workshop…

You’ll save yourself time, receive an idea you can use, and meet someone you’d benefit from knowing…

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