Why do organizations feel they must make a statement on racism? Why do individuals feel they must pressure organizations to make statements on racism?

Do these statements simplify or complicate your business?

What is the evidence of a net result of these statements in the long-run?

Following statements , rules, and laws are the minimum standard of human character. We should expect/want more for ourselves… Truth and purpose are the maximum standard of human character – the net result is human flourishing.

What do I mean? What if we just followed universal principles or truths in decision making on our 3-5 biggest decisions each day?

Make decisions that help you:

1. have respect for the person (differences)

2. do what’s in the common good

3. enable everyone to play their role

4. create the best primary, secondary, and tertiary results or ‘ripple effect’ on those around you

What if business leaders adopted the greater purpose of:

‘Business leadership at the service of mankind will save the world…’

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