In the Fast Company Article – “Robots are Changing the Future of Telecommuting” the case presented is that “bots” are the next evolution of staying connected. Wake-up. This is not the direction we need to go.

Increased connectivity equals less presence (especially presence of mind). Instead of continuing to hurtle forward into the awareness abyss, we need to “do a 180” by removing the ear buds from our ears, practice paying more attention to what’s going-on around us and stop doing too many things for too many people.

Have you ever been at the gym waiting to use an exercise machine and the ear-bud-studded person camped-out on it has no clue you are there and they are being inconsiderate? What about the couple sitting on the picnic blanket across from you at the outdoor jazz concert? You notice the husband and wife playing “dueling iphones” communicating with colleagues in another time zone while there’s a beautiful evening and great music to enjoy (not to mention, each other’s company). Lastly, what sense does it make to have multiple email addresses, answer mail, email, text and telephone calls, have accounts on Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, u-Tube, ad nauseum

Self-absorption = inward-focused, distracted easily and “too busy” all the time.

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