I’m at a camp as a chaperon at a class retreat for my 8th grader. They’re doing a lot of experiential learning around asking for help and helping. It reminds you that people are not naturally wired to ask for help nor does our culture necessarily support the notion as something positive, but it is.

Key steps to increasing the action of helping:

1. stop talking
2. listen
3. ask for help and look for those you can help.

There were three team exercises yesterday where the team guide offered help and no one followed-up on the offer. Instead, the team struggled through the exercise longer than necessary. Asking the team guide, who ‘had all the answers’ would have expedited things.

The team members eventually did help each other to complete the exercises, but I sensed it was still about individuals getting something done through a team, not helping.

‘WHY’ are we here? The highest level of leadership is being able to ask for help as well as look for those you can help. Everyone is called to lead at the highest level. That’s ‘WHY’ we’re here.

You can’t and shouldn’t do most things yourselves. It’s better to let go by asking for help and play a smaller role than what you feel you should play so that others can be bigger. It’s better in the long-term – it’s doing the few things you do really well more often, it’s more satisfying and creates more value.

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