Here’s a business development question:

How many of your clients would answer the phone if you called them after 9pm?

When I do business development work with clients to increase the number of their clients that would answer their phone after 9pm, the focus is on attraction – sharing lessons learned, and creating connection and conversation between their clients and those in their network.

It’s going small… They know you personally through your experiences and the company you keep. This is my definition of business development – attraction.

Growing-up in business, we were taught the opposite about business development: Go big for transactions.

This is still alive and well. Many organizations still use gifts, extravagant trips, presentations, sponsorships, and parties to win transactions.

Going big is no longer enough, though, especially when things get tough.

Evaluate your business development performance based equally on your attraction goal of increasing how many clients you could call after 9p as well as your transactional goal.

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