I’m continually on the lookout for better ways to explain what authentic leadership does to avoid it being mistaken for something you’re already doing.

I liken authentic leadership to harnessing the wind, arguably the most powerful force of nature. What do you think of the following explanation?

You can’t see the wind…

You don’t know where wind comes from or what becomes of it and you know it’s real. It’s the same with the principle that authentic leadership is character-based.

Further, wind turbines generate electricity to power your life, right? Well, what if you thought of character as powering your leadership effectiveness?

How do you make character powering your leadership effectiveness more real?

This week, what if you made your most important single decision as if your character was at stake?

What would the result be? Would you worry less about whether you did everything you could to solve an issue in the best manner? Would your result be greater than if your character wasn’t at stake?

Achieving authentic leadership is like harnessing the wind, your most powerful natural force.

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