Over the weekend, I was volunteering with someone I disagreed with about reopening schools this fall. The only result was clarity that we had different positions… We both missed an opportunity to think BIGGER and make a connection.

Try this on for size.

Next time you disagree with someone, a family member, friend or business colleague, rather than telling them they’re wrong or explaining why you’re right, ask how what they’re suggesting could be BIGGER and see where the conversation leads.


Many times disagreements boil down to thinking too small. Instead, go in the opposite direction and think of a BIGGER solution that both of you could agree on. I don’t mean compromise, which is meeting in the middle between two small solutions.

What’s the point? Connection. Thinking BIGGER is not initially about the solution, it’s about connecting with the other person so that a BIGGER solution is possible.

Next time I have the opprotunity to chat with that man again, I’m going to ask if we could ‘start-over’ and reconnect by thinking bigger than the last time we chatted.

You can’t be an authentic leader if you don’t have connection to then have the opportunity to do BIG THINGS.

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